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After a lengthy, unavoidable hiatus, IT'S BACK! The Skullmuggery Society is more than a mug club; it's a sippin', socializin', learnin', and doin' stuff experience. And, as any of our previous members can attest, the benefits tend to go beyond what's listed below. We love to surprise and live to delight. Benefits start Jan. 1!

PLEASE NOTE: T-SHIRT BENEFIT ONLY VALID FOR DEC. SIGNUPS; BA BEER BENEFIT ONLY VALID IF YOU SIGN UP BEFORE BREW DAY (MARCH 12, 2023). Memberships auto-renew on January 1 of the following year, regardless of when you sign up -- so we HIGHLY recommend waiting until December 2023 to sign up so as to enjoy the FULL benefits of being a mug club member all year long.

member benefits


When you sign up, you're automatically added to our members list, so your first pint each month will be automatically comped and your merch discount automatically applied. Just give us your full name and/or phone number when we start your tab -- that's it! No apps or punch cards or subcutaneous implants required.


the shirt

Designed by the one and only Matt Pennetti of Ashleigh Road, this is the most badass design he's ever created. Make sure to tell us your shirt size at checkout!! This benefit is only valid for December 2022 signups!



Q. How long does my membership last?
A. All non-gift memberships purchased January through November auto-renew and are billed for the subsequent year on January 1, regardless of when purchased. So, if you purchase in April, your membership will only last 8 months or so. You also won't receive the t-shirt, brew day, or BA bomber benefits. This is one of the many reasons why we HIGHLY recommend signing up in December, which is the ONLY month in which we offer big discounts on memberships and additional perks. Memberships purchased in December BEGIN on Jan 1 and are good for 12 months.

Q. How do I give a membership as a gift?
A. Check the box marked "Send as a Gift" before clicking "Subscribe Now" on the sign-up page. You'll know you're giving it as a gift if you're asked for the recipient's information on the next page

Q. When will the gift recipient receive notice of their gift?
A. You will select a delivery date at checkout -- on that date, they will receive a welcome email with instructions for how to complete registration. 

Q. Is there something physical I can give the gift recipient?
A. Sure! Click here for a downloadable membership certificate (only valid with purchase of an actual gift membership!)

Q. I signed up and got a confirmation, but no receipt or welcome email -- what gives?
A. Regular (non-gift) memberships purchased in December 2022 won't be billed until Jan. 1, 2023, which is when all 2023 memberships begin and also when you'll receive your welcome email with instructions on how to complete registration. 

Q. I haven't seen a transaction go through on my bank account 
A. Regular (non-gift) memberships purchased in December 2022 won't be billed until Jan. 1 2023, which is when all 2023 memberships begin and also when you'll receive your welcome email with instructions on how to complete registration. 

Q. What if I don't want my subscription to auto-renew?
A. After checking out, you'll receive an email titled "Skeleton Key Brewery - Your new subscription" -- click the link in there to create an account where you can manage your membership directly. If you don't want your membership to auto-renew on Jan. 1, 2023, you can simply cancel the membership and retain all of your benefits until then. 

Q. Do gifted memberships auto-renew?
A. No, they do not.

Q. Can I buy multiple memberships at a time?
A. No, each membership is tied to the information entered at checkout, so you will need to purchase each membership individually.

Q. Do benefits accrue or roll over?
A. 10% merch discount is valid all day, every day. Monthly pints do not roll over from month to month -- use it or lose it!

Q. What if I still have questions?
A. Contact us using the form here

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