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Photo of two skull-shaped clear mugs filled with beer that is a rich, vibrant orange in color  and capped with an ample amount of foam.


The Skullmuggery Society is more than a mug club; it's a sippin', socializin', learnin', and doin' stuff experience. We love to surprise and live to delight. Benefits start Jan. 1, 2024!

Memberships auto-renew on January 1 of the following year, regardless of when you sign up -- so we HIGHLY recommend signing up BEFORE the end of the year so as to enjoy the FULL benefits of being a mug club member all year long.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT (2023) MEMBER, you DO NOT need to sign up again -- your membership will automatically renew on January 1. Current (2023) Gift Members will receive an email next week letting them know how to add a credit card to their account so that it auto-renews as well. 

member benefits


Join now, and then starting in January (when your benefits begin), just give us your full name and/or phone number when you order a beer or start a tab so that we can pull up your membership, and your benefits will be automatically applied -- that's it! No apps or punch cards or subcutaneous implants required.

Photo of a clear, skull-shaped mug filled with rich, vibrantly orange-hued beer and capped with an overflowing amount of cream colored foam


You've seen members sipping out of them, and every time you're in the taproom, you'll be part of that crew -- PLUS, you get your very own skull mug to take home so you can enjoy SKB beer the way it is meant to be served -- in a skull!



Q. How long does my membership last?
A. All 2024 memberships are valid through December 31, 2024. Benefits begin Jan. 1, 2024.


If you sign up AFTER January 1st, your membership begins immediately but will still only be valid through Dec. 31st, regardless of sign-up date. So as the year goes on, the membership period shortens and certain benefits may no longer apply. For example, if you purchase your membership in April, it will only last 8 months or so, and you may miss out on timely benefits such as the Brew Day or the BA bottle of last year's brew day beer. This is one of the many reasons why we HIGHLY recommend signing up before Dec. 31, while we're offering big discounts on memberships and additional perks. 


Non-gift memberships will automatically renew on Jan 1 of the following year and will be billed again at that time, regardless of the original purchase date. You will receive an auto-renewal reminder one month prior to renewal and can toggle-off auto-renewal at any time while retaining your benefits for the remainder of your membership.


Starting in December, members who were gifted their memberships will have the option to add a credit card to their profile so that their membership can auto-renew as well. 

Q. How do I give a membership as a gift?
A. Check the box marked "Send as a Gift" before clicking "Join Now!" on the sign-up page. You'll know you're giving it as a gift if you're asked for the recipient's information on the next page. Gift memberships do NOT automatically renew.

Q. When will the gift recipient receive notice of their gift?
A. You will select a delivery date at checkout -- on that date, a welcome email with instructions for how to activate their membership will be sent to the email address you specified during checkout.

Q. Is there something physical I can give the gift recipient?
A. Sure! Click here for a downloadable membership certificate (only valid with purchase of an actual gift membership!)

Q. When will I be billed for my membership's auto-renewal?
A. Regular (non-gift) memberships renew on Jan. 1 2024, which is also when you will be billed. 

Q. What if I don't want my subscription to auto-renew?
A. After checking out, you'll receive an email titled "Skeleton Key Brewery - Your new subscription" -- click the link in there to create an account where you can manage your membership directly. If you don't want your membership to auto-renew on Jan. 1, 2024, you can simply cancel the membership and retain all of your benefits until then. 

Q. I need to update my credit card information, how do I do that?
A. When you originally purchased your information (or when you were notified about your upcoming auto-renewal), you should have received an email titled "Skeleton Key Brewery - Your new subscription" -- click the link in there to create an account where you can securely update your credit card info and manage your membership directly.

Q. Do gifted memberships auto-renew?
A. No, they do not.

Q. Can I buy multiple memberships at a time?
A. No, each membership is tied to the information entered at checkout, so you will need to purchase each membership individually.

Q. Do benefits accrue or roll over?
A. Discounts do not accrue, and monthly pints do not roll over from month to month -- use it or lose it!

Q. What if I still have questions?
A. Contact us using the form here

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