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As of this year, we are shifting our charitable giving policy toward a position of partnership. As such, we will be looking to exclusively partner with 2-3 local nonprofit partners for the entirety of 2023.

Our hope is to maximize our impact and better focus our limited resources by providing fundraising and volunteer support exclusively to our selected partner(s) throughout the year.

We ask that prospective nonprofit partners request consideration using the form below. The causes that resonate most strongly with us are those related to: 

  • Rights protection and support services for women and marginalized groups, including (but not limited to) BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities (particularly youth populations), disabled veterans, and individuals with special needs.

  • Food and housing security

  • Suicide prevention and mental health support

  • Environmental sustainability initiatives

  • Education

Thank you for understanding this shift in our approach to charitable giving. If you would like us to consider your group for partnership this or a future year, please apply below.

Submit your 501(c)3 organization for partnership consideration in 2023!

Thanks for submitting!

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