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If you are a food truck or caterer looking to book dates at Skeleton Key, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.


We have two taproom areas with a total indoor capacity of 185+, a spacious parking lot, and a dedicated indoor food service area with a 3'x5' quartz countertop, quarter-pan size warming box, and all the electrical outlets you could want. Space is available adjacent to the countertop for additional prep/service space, if needed. Open-flame / propane cooking is prohibited, but electric warming/reheating is fine. 

We expect to install a patio in spring of 2023, further expanding our capacity by 40-50 seats, and providing the opportunity for outdoor grilling/cooking. 

It's worth noting that we host quite a few private events and are happy to include current vendors on our "preferred food vendors" list that we distribute to clients. We also handle all marketing of events and can create digital menus to display during service.


Food trucks are required to obtain a Peddler's License from the Village of Woodridge prior to their first date of service. It's a 2-page application that only requires a driver's license and Dupage County Health Dept. Permit. Cost is $60 annually, and we will split that cost with you the first year. 

Pop-up catering vendors must be fully licensed and insured and provide a Certificate of Insurance with Skeleton Key Brewery, LLC named as additional insured for the dates of service.

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Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

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