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Q. Are you dog-friendly?
Most of us personally are, but if you're asking whether you can bring your pet into the taproom or onto the patio, the answer is <sad trombone> no. Service animals are always allowed, of course.

Q. Why can't I bring my pet into the taproom or onto the patio?
A. There are a lot of reasons, unfortunately:


1) There are more people with animal-related trauma than many of us realize. We will always prioritize making our staff and patrons feel safe, above all else. We also realize that, for other folks, their pet IS what makes them feel safe, but because we can't accommodate both groups, we had to make a decision. Our decision fell on the side of guarding against exposure to specific, preventable triggers.

2) Severe animal allergies are a thing, particularly for a number of our staff.

3) Insurance concerns are also a very, VERY real thing...particularly for us. After having to file an enormous insurance claim recently, we're considerably more risk-averse, especially regarding avoidable risks that could cause us to get dropped from our policy. We personally know of at least a half dozen incidents of serious injuries involving over-stressed dogs in local taprooms in the past few years. The only way to completely eliminate the risk of this happening at our facility is to eliminate the potential: either we prohibit dogs or we prohibit people. We aren't confident that a dog-staffed, dog-run taproom with only dog patrons is a solid business model, so we're sticking with people on this one. 


4. On a weird legal note, the state of Illinois prohibits companion animals in establishments that serve food -- and the Illinois Food Code defines "ice" as a "food."  If a retail service establishment has an ice machine that is used to produce ice for consumption, it is considered to be a food service establishment, and thus, companion animals are not allowed. We have an ice machine.

Q. But then why does [insert name here] brewery allow pets?
 A. No idea -- that's their deal.  But we're sure they make great beer, so head on over there if your pet is joining you for a pint. Our feelings won't be hurt. We get it. 

Q. Are you family-friendly?
Of course we are friendly to families; but perhaps you mean more specifically:


Do you allow minors? Yep! Kids 12 and under are welcome to join their parents in our Family Room or on our Patio. If you have teens joining you, it's quite likely we can seat you in the Lounge or Den if you prefer -- just ask your bartender!


Do you provide games/activities for kids? No; we used to carry games, but pieces were constantly lost/missing. Many kids bring their own games nowadays.


Do you have juice or snacks for kids? No juice, but we generally have a selection of soda and some flavored pretzels that might get ya by in a pinch.

Related questions that we wish people would ask:


Can kids play in the vestibules/entryways? No, that is extremely unsafe for both them and other patrons, as it is where people enter and exit our establishment.


Can kids play in the bathrooms? No, and we highly recommend accompanying them, as recent bathroom damage proved to be quite expensive to fix.


Can kids climb on tables, kick/bounce balls off the wall, race each other, draw/color on any surfaces, or do similar things that could cause themselves, our facility, or other patrons physical harm? Pretty sure you know the answer to this, but just in case: no. 

What CAN kids do at Skeleton Key? Tell bad jokes, play with any puzzles or games they bring, read a book, talk with their parents, do homework, or watch Floor is Lava on their tablet.

In summary:
We welcome families that walk through our doors, but tbh, we're really not a super fun spot for kids. We are essentially a tavern, and we became 21+ after 8pm and stopped allowing minors into our bar areas after repeated damage and injury. (For more on our risk-averse approach to brewery policy development, please see #3 under the pets in the taproom question above.)


Many of us who work here are parents, and we are realistic about the potential for kids to suddenly shift moods or become antsy. Meltdowns happen. Zoomies happen. We totally understand. That said, we WILL approach you to help address the situation if we witness property damage or ongoing behavior that could be unsafe for your kids or others.


Oh, and if we see alcohol being shared with or provided to a minor or ID-less member of your group, we will ask you to leave. 

Q. I forgot my ID / my ID is expired / etc. but my mom will vouch for me / I'm clearly over 21 / you've served me before
A. No valid ID, no alcohol. Simple as that.

Q. When is trivia?

A. We currently work with Liquid Kourage to host Tringo, a blend of trivia and bingo, on select evenings. Starting in July 2023, we expect to have Tringo on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Q. What is Spectral Silhouette?
A. It's one of the most unique things going on in our area right now. Inspired by old time radio programs such as The Shadow, The Whistler, and Green Hornet, this award-winning pulpy audio drama is an original work with music performed by The Black and Blue Hearts.

Sponsored by Skeleton Key Brewery, The Spectral Silhouette centers around mystery, murder, ghosts, werewolves, and great beer.

Detective Monty Eldritch was shot during an armed robbery. Legally dead for five minutes, he shakes the cold grip of the grim reaper with the help of the paramedics. When he regains consciousness, he finds that he can hear the voice of a deceased mobster named Sil. The two agree to work together to find Sil’s murderers in exchange for assistance with Monty’s cases. Aided by his old friend Penny Aster, and otherworldly insights from his ghostly ally, Monty becomes The Spectral Silhouette.

Live readings of the show are performed on a bimonthly basis at Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge, IL.  The show features a full voice cast and jazz band. Shows sell out fast, so make a reservation if you're in the Chicagoland area! Check it out here >

Q. Do you sell gift cards?
A. Yep! We sell physical gift cards in our taproom, or you can purchase an e-gift card anytime by clicking here >

Q. Can I bring in outside food?
A. You are more than welcome to bring in outside food anytime -- though we do strongly encourage you to support our local food trucks and food vendors when they're on site. You can see if we have a truck or food vendor scheduled here >

Q. What if I still have questions?
A. Contact us using the form here

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