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a man assembling a dresser


Later this year, we'll be bringing in some of our best brewery buds for a friendly competition to see who can correctly build a dresser the fastest! 

Local breweries will go head-to-head in Sharing Connections' "Dresser Challenge," with at least four teams of four brewery folks building IKEA dressers that will then be donated to SC's clients in need. 

Cheer them on -- and guess who you think will win for the chance to share the winner's glory with them! Grab a beer while you're at it -- we'll have beers from all of the competitors on tap that day, too!


Plus, leading up to the "Big Build," we'll have a series of mini build challenges for YOU to participate in. There'll be a sign-up sheet on site the day of the event -- which is TBD for now.  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified!

Are you a brewery that wants to compete? Go here

the rules

  • Maximum of 4 builders per team

  • Finished dresser MUST be assembled according to the directions included in each kit

  • Clock will be stopped once the brewery declares its dresser is ready for inspection. If it fails inspection, the clock starts from where it was stopped. 

  • All kits will be pre-inspected to ensure all necessary parts are present before beginning

  • Teams can act nefariously to delay other teams, but cannot interfere in any way that would completely prevent build completion or affect the integrity of the finished dresser.

  • Only the registered builders are allowed to physically contribute to the dresser's build

  • There will be multiple inspectors present, in the event that more than one brewery declares completion at the same time. 

sharing the glory

Brewery patrons (aka YOU) will be able to participate in other ways:

  • Donate to help cover the cost of the dressers and guess which brewery will finish first for a chance at a basket of goodies from the participating breweries!

  • Compete in mini build challenges leading up to the "Big Build" for the chance at fun prizes!

  • Cheer and jeer the breweries while they build!

  • Enjoy a selection of guest taps from participating breweries throughout the day!

acceptable items
How to participate

are you a brewery that wants to compete?


We'll drop off the completed dressers at the Sharing Connections warehouse, where they will be distributed to neighbors in need.

Still got more to give? Volunteer along with us or donate directly:

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