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About Us


We've seen first-hand how craft beer brings people together, and it was this shared sense of community that first inspired Skeleton Key. We don't rely on a single style of beer to drive our brand, but rather seek to curate a diverse list of high-quality libations that appeal to a wide range of palates. We are a key, not a lock. 

Photo of a smiling man with a beard and short brown hair in a blue plaid shirt, a taller smiling man wearing black glasses with a grey cap, goatee, and black t-shirt, and a softly smiling woman with black glasses and brown hair pulled into a bun, wearing a yellow sweater and floral shirt.

Our crew

Our staff has a special talent for guiding guests toward the beer that's right for them right at that moment. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming bunch behind any bar in the area, and we're continually impressed by their dedication, resilience, and downright hilarious senses of humor. 

hey. hey, look at us


Orange and Brew bottleshop logo in orange and blue colors
Open Bottle bottleshop logo featuring a white bottlecap and blue bottle opener design against a black background
The Beer and Now bottle shop logo featuring a green circle around the business name
Beer on the Wall bottleshop logo featuring a three-dimensional rendering of six brown bottles in an orange holder
The Beer Cellar bottleshop logo featuring white words on a black background
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