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declutter your kitchen to donate hope

On Sunday, March 24 from 12-6pm, we will be accepting gently used kitchenware in serviceable / working condition to help stock the kitchens and set the tables for clients of Sharing Connections. See below for what items can/can't be accepted.


All donors will be entered to win a Skeleton Key gift card equal to the resale value of the highest value item donated overall!


We will also be hosting a Toaster Pastry "Brunch" that day starting at 12pm, with a bunch of special beverages and FREE PopTarts, while supplies last!

accepted items

  • Small appliances that are new or used, clean, and in good working condition (such as toasters, mixers, blenders, air fryers, microwaves, hot plates, electric tea kettles, coffee makers, etc.)

  • Pots, pans, skillets that are new or used and in good condition -- please note: we CANNOT accept any nonstick items where the teflon/nonstick surface is compromised

  • Kitchen utensils that are new or used and serviceable

  • Dishes and mugs that are new or used, microwave-safe, and free from chips.

  • Silverware that is new or used

  • Dish towels that are new or used, clean, and free from rips or tears

  • NEW cleaning supplies (sponges, rags, dish soap, gloves, disinfectant surface cleaners, buckets, mops brooms, dust pans, etc.)

the "no" list

Unfortunately, we CANNOT accept:

  • Large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, etc.)

  • Appliances in need of repair

  • Any kitchenware that is chipped, broken, repaired, or excessively dirty

  • Dishes and mugs that cannot be put in the microwave (such as those with metallic decorations)

  • Nonstick pots/pans with rips/tears/otherwise compromised areas in the nonstick surface

  • Cast iron items

  • Pewter items

acceptable items
How to participate


where your donations will go

We'll drop off the gathered kitchen items at the Sharing Connections warehouse, where it will be distributed to neighbors in need.

Still got more to give? Volunteer along with us or donate directly:

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