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Skeleton Key Brewery's logo in black, featuring a skull with a key in its mouth, hand-drawn in a cartoonish style



Later this fall, we'll be brewing a collaboration beer with volunteers and administrative members from Sharing Connections, with all of the proceeds benefiting the organization directly. Keep an eye out for more beer info and release party details!

Four photos side by side of the 2023 NFP brew day with West Suburban Community Pantry and The GardenWorks Project. Photo 1: a woman in a red shirt, standing on the brew deck with a bucket of grain, about to add it to the mash tun. Photo 2:  10 volunteers standing in the brewery with open sacks of grain and one woman in a red shirt holding a white bucket of grain. Photo 3: A smiling woman in a blue shird and grey pants holding the handle of a wheelbarrow filled with grain, standing inside an open garage door. Photo 4: a  young man in a grey cap, maroon shirt and jeans using a long-handled tool to pull spent grain out of the mash tun and into a waiting wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is currently half full.

Once the beer is ready, you better believe we'll be shouting it from the rooftops, so you're unlikely to miss the release -- but if you want to follow along as we go from starting seeds to to harvesting and brewing, make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Or, better yet, join us as we assemble >

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