May is Mental Health Awareness month, and we’re participating in a global effort to get people talking about the tough stuff. Our frequent non-profit partners, Hope for the Day, created “Things We Don’t Say” IPA to break the silence around mental health issues, and more than 180 breweries from dozens of countries are brewing it — including SKB. 


We’ll be hosting our first Live Brew Day in well over a year on Sunday, May 16, starting at noon. Please join us! Stop by the taproom to check out the process as we brew “Things We Don’t Say” IPA. We’ll share hops to rub, malt to chew, and wort to sip throughout the day, and we’ll be live streaming to the Lounge so everyone can be part of the action. More info >

We will be releasing this beer in cans and on draft on Wednesday, June 23 at 3pm!


Over the last year, depression and suicide rates have soared, particularly in the brewing and hospitality industries. Alcohol is not itself a solution, of course — and sometimes it’s used to try to escape those bad feelings we’re afraid to talk about.

As promoters of responsible alcohol consumption, that’s why we have staff members who are trained in peer-to-peer proactive suicide prevention and alcohol abuse intervention, and it’s why we are hoping to help break the silence with this project. The biggest barrier to mental health treatment is stigma. 

As a society, we rarely talk about these things, because they make us uncomfortable — and they make us afraid of making others feel uncomfortable. As a result, many folks suffer in silence and don’t get the support they need. This beer hopes to change that by starting the conversation and promoting mental health resources. 

The labels for these cans will feature local resources for those who are struggling with mental health issues, and a portion of the proceeds from draft purchases will be donated to Hope for the Day to support their mental health education and suicide prevention awareness programs. Over the last few years, we have donated more than $5,000 to HFTD, and we look forward to seeing that number grow.


Special thanks to Hope for the Day for organizing this effort, to Eagle Park Brewing and Distilling for designing the base recipe, to Egoproof for designing the labels, and to Malteurop Malting Company and Hollingbery & Son, Inc Hop Company for sponsoring this project.



If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, the help you deserve is closer than you think. Click here for local resources >