Currently on tap:

“Mayor Wilson” Golden Ale
Light, crisp and very drinkable
“Migratory” Coconut Golden Ale
Our golden ale, racked over toasted coconut
“Friends Don’t Lie” American Pale Ale
A dry-hopped pale ale that tastes of grapefruit and smells like heaven
“Knobhead” British-style Pale Ale
Brings together caramel, earthiness and a hoppy bite for a delightful pint
“Captain Tragedy” IPA
An American IPA hopped with Warrior, Amarillo and a huge heap of Mosaic
“Don’t Blink” Scotch Ale
Malty and rich, with notes of caramel and toffee
“Shoot the Glass” Marzen-style Lager — OKTOBERFEST!
Toasted malt, crisp body, spicy hop notes to balance it all out

On deck:
“Snuffed Out” Imperial Stout
“Racecars, Lasers, Aeroplanes” Wee Heavy
“Jupiter’s Thunder” Double IPA


General stuff to know about the taproom:

  • When you first walk into Skeleton Key Brewery, you’ll pass through our event/classroom space, which is open seating (air-conditioned!) for all patrons when class is not in session.
  • The taproom is in the brewery proper, separated only by a half-wall so you can enjoy your beer against a backdrop of gleaming stainless steel and bearded dudes. Dude. Bearded dude. The other one is barely able to muster up a goatee.
  • Bring a board game, order-in food from any of the great spots nearby, play shuffleboard or request a brewing book from the bookshelf behind the bar to sip on some knowledge along with your beer. We’ll announce all food truck visits on our Facebook page so you can plan dinner accordingly.
  • The village limits us to serving each of you a maximum of 48 oz. per day in the taproom, but you’re welcome to take as many 64 oz. growlers as you want to wherever you’re headed afterwards. And then come back tomorrow.
  • In addition to our regular lineup, we’ll also have one tap dedicated to experimental beers that can only be found at the taproom — and are only available to members of the Skullmuggery Society. A limited number of new annual memberships are made available every now and then…


Past beers (which you may see again!) include:
“Uncrustable” PB & J Brown Ale
Experimental beer with raspberry puree and peanut butter added
“Kings and Streetsweepers” Smoked Stout
A rich stout with just the right touch of smoke from cherrywood-smoked malt
“Tais-Toi” Oat Saison
A light and refreshing saison brewed with oats for a silky mouthfeel
“Little Hoarse” Berliner Weisse
A delicately sour beer with a funky finish
“Saudade” Witbier
A Belgian-style witbier brewed with chrysanthemums, sage and bitter orange peel
“Trouble Won’t Trouble You” Black IPA
Moderately roasty and dryhopped with Amarillo for bright, orangey bitterness
“Abraca-pocus” Vanilla Porter
A malty brown porter kissed with vanilla
“Space Plans C” IPA
An American IPA dry-hopped with citrusy Centennial and Cascade and a touch of Mackinac hops
“Passionfruit Saudade” Witbier
A brunch beer if we ever saw one.
“Green-Ryed Girl” Sesame Rye ale
Brewed specially for our Vietnamese-style beer dinner with Roaming Hog
“If We’re Not Back by Dawn…” Porter
A light-bodied, malty brown porter with coffee notes and a touch of caramel
“It’s a Toaster, Frank!” Mexican Hot Cocoa Porter
Brewed with vanilla, cacao, cayenne and cinnamon, and garnished with a torched marshmallow
“Agatha” Black IPA with Chantrelles
Experimental beer, smooth and rich with umami and earthiness